Course Grade – Holistic Education

Course Grade

Holistic Education

Workload: Disciplines and or Academic Activities studied with use


What is Education?
Social Psychology.
Scientific Methodology.
Superior Edication in Brazil.
History of the Education.
Psicopatologia and Semiology.
Inclusive Education.
Politicies Education and Educational Innovations.
Superior Education in Latin America.
Education Administration.
Researches in Education.
Sociology of the Education.
Didactiocism of the Higher Education.
Foundations end Cancepts of the Psychoanalysis.
Philosophy of the Education.
Foundations and Analysis Comportamental.
Social Representations in the Education.
Cultural Anthropology.
Criative Didacticism.
Psychology of the Education.
Pratical and Theoretical foundatuins if the Education.
Seminar of Research.
Analysis of the Conjuncture.