Course Grade – Holistic Health

Course Grade

Holistic Health

Discipline Load Time Level
Area of Concentration: Methods.
Methods and Techniques of Scientific Research in Health1
Methods and Techniques of Scientific Research in Health2
Writing and Publication of Scientific Works
Ethics and Bioethics of Public Health.
Research Seminars I.
Sum of lessons

Area of Concentration: Epidemiology-Statistics.
Epidemiology of infectious and non-infectious diseases.
Epidemiological Surveys
Applied statistics
Research Seminars II.

Area of Concentration: health and society
Health, Culture and Society.
State, Population and Public Health Policies.
Primary Health Care.
Citizenship, Health and Social Inequality.
Education and Health Promotion.
Humanized Service.
Social Control and Popular Participation
Health Surveillance.
Problems of Brazilian Public Health.

Concentration area:
Management & Planning: Public Policies in Health
Planning and Management in Public Health
Evaluation of Health Programs and Services.
Health Registration and Information
Oriented Study I
Process of Work and Production of Health Care.
Research Seminars III

Area of Concentration: Health & Disease Process
Prevention and Control
Biosafety in Health Actions
Occupational Diseases.
Health and Sustainable Development
Major Causes of Mortality (today)