Formation of Christian leaders

Formation of Christian leaders


Empower Local Leaders to exercise their leadership roles wisely and wisely.


Delegation of authority is a principle often found in the Bible, and leadership can not be thought of in these modern days without delegating functions to the leaders so that they may assist in the work of the Church.

The Course for the Formation of Christian Leaders arises from the need to prepare these Leaders and Workers for the harvest, with a view to teaching “Biblical Principles of Leadership”, in order to become multipliers of the vision of local leadership and with this, too multipliers of the gospel.

The Christian Leadership Training Course is an invitation to a healthy local leadership who shares the vision of their leader and who proposes to lead with unction, knowledge and wisdom.

Target Audience

Leaders of Church Departments, Professors of E.B.D., Deacons, Presbyters, Evangelists, Cooperators, and Persons interested in the subject “Christian Leadership.”

DURATION: Four meetings. One meeting per month.


Matrícula: R$250,00
26 Mensalidades: R$500,00

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